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Anti cellulite

Anti cellulite

Cellulite injectables work by breaking up the fat cells that cause cellulite and then flushing them out of the body. Cellulite injectables are usually a mixture of enzymes and other ingredients that help break down fat cells. Cellulite injectables are minimally invasive, and they have very little downtime.


How long do cellulite

injections last?



For some patients, it is a permanent solution. For others, it only temporarily reduces cellulite. However, this "temporary" solution usually lasts at least one year. Because there are currently no other comparable treatment options, QWO is likely to revolutionize the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite.


How many treatments do I need 

It is very depends what kind of cellulite and how big the problem is . 

We recommend usually between 3-5 sessions. 

Some people notice difference straight after very first treatment. 

After cleansing the lashes and separating your bottom lashes from your top, a silicone shield gets stuck on the skin using a gentle adhesive (similar to the glue used to apply false lashes). Adhesive is applied on top of the shield as well, then lashes are combed up to take their shape. Here is where eye-safe perming solution is applied.
The perming lotion is left on for six to 12 minutes.
It depends on your hair type. "If you have a hard time curling the hair on your head, let technicians know that when doing lash lifting,". 

"The setting solution hardens everything back up and restructures the bond and makes them hard again. It locks in the shape,". The setting solution is followed by a nourishing lotion, which contains keratin and sodium PCA in it, to add moisture back in the lashes. It also contains aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and glycerin, a humectant that attracts moisture. It's kind of like dyeing or bleaching your hair, then following it with conditioner. The whole process takes about an hour from start to finish.

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