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fat dissolving

Fat Dissolving Injections


Fat Dissolving Injections is a treatment that helps to dissolve stubborn fat deposits simply and without surgery.
Many people suffer from stubborn areas of fat, which are resistant to diet and regular exercise.   These pockets of fat can be treated with injections of lipolytic products such as Lemon Bottle , which can be administered in the following areas of the face and body:

•    Double chin
•    Jowls
•    Upper arms or "Bingo Wings"
•    Abdomen
•    Love handles
•    Hips
•    Inner & Outer thighs
•    Buttocks
•    Knees
•    Back
•    Breast (men only) "Moobs"
•    Bra bulge


Fat Dissolving

Lemon Bottle

For small areas of fat, such as the jowls and chin, just two to three treatments of Lemon Bottle can dramatically reduce fat deposits to give a more youthful and defined facial contour.  Dermal Filler can also lift the jowls which are due to  sagging skin.


Lemon Bottle in the Body

Lemon Bottle can work very well for stubborn pockets of fat on the body that are resistant to diet and exercise.  It is not a substitute for diet and exercise nor is it a weight loss programme.
An ideal client could be a man or woman who has a “muffin top” despite having a slim frame.  Or it could be a young mother, who has been left with an area of fat on her abdomen that refuses to budge.
Other common areas for treatment are the knees, hips, back, waist, buttocks and “bingo wings”.
For larger areas like abdomen, thighs or buttocks you may need up to 5-6 treatments to see noticeable results.


Lemon Bottle With Other Treatments

Lemon Bottle works well as a stand-alone treatment and also in combination with other treatments.  If your jowls consist of both fat deposits and sagging skin, Lemon Bottle can be used in conjunction with a thread lift or with Filler to create and even more attractive result.
In some cases, when the fat has gone from the area, the skin may be left looking a little loose.  To remedy this, a treatment with the Plasma Pen will tighten the skin.  In some cases, a final treatment of an injection with a skin tightening product may be used. 

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