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hands rejuvenation

Hands rejuvenation

What Is Hand Rejuvenation?

he hands are one of the areas of the body that give away our age—and can start to show signs of aging even before our faces. As we age, our hands lose elasticity, and lost collagen can make veins, bones, and tendons appear more pronounced, while sun exposure can cause unsightly age spots or dark spots to develop.

Our treatments are designed to refresh and restore aging hands to achieve a more youthful appearance. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns, evaluate your hands, and develop a custom hand rejuvenation treatment plan to achieve your cosmetic goals.


The most common method for restoring volume during hand rejuvenation is the 

-INJECTION of dermal fillers to the back of the hands.  There are many dermal fillers on the market, each of which has its own particular characteristics.  Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, and Belotero, attract and bind large amounts of water within the skin and provide a very smooth appearance and texture to the skin.  Other volumizing agents, such as Radiesse, are composed of calcium hydroxyapatite and induce the formation of collagen within the skin.  Injections with dermal fillers can be performed in the office setting.  The hands are numbed up with a local anesthetic.  The filler is then injected into the back of the hands and massaged so that there is a uniform distribution and coverage of underlying structures.  Most dermal fillers are temporary, though, and results typically last 9-12 months, necessitating repeat injections after the filler wears out.


Plasma Pen™, also known as a Plasma Blast or Fibroblast device, is an excellent treatment to reduce age spots on the face and hands. It's quick and results are seen immediately. This is one of my favourite treatments to quickly remove age spots. It works by lightly burning the skin with the Plasma arc.

Plasma Pen can tighten, lift, resurface, rejuvenate, and regenerate practically any area on the skin and compliments most other cosmetic procedures and injectables. No blood, no scalpels, no cutting, no stitches, no scars and little to no pain. Patients should plan on 5 to 10 days down time.

Results  are semi or permanent (last for a few years depending on health situation and aging process). 

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