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Anticellulite treatment

IRON Cellulite

RON anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite 2 in 1


IRON Wrinkles and Cellulite
Innovative IRON® Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Cellulite 2in1 ensures high treatment effectiveness thanks to the accumulation of proven methods.


Vacuum massage
The anti-wrinkle and anti-cellulite 2in1 technique of vacuum massage used by the iron involves increasing blood supply by stimulating the lymphatic system and improving cellular metabolism in the treated areas. As a consequence, skin cells are better oxygenated and nutrient flow is facilitated. Vacuum massage improves skin condition, firms and detoxifies. In addition, this treatment effectively shapes the figure, it can be used as a method of breaking and massaging hard cellulite deposits.


TENS electrostimulation
TENS electrostimulation performed muscle stimulation and regeneration occurs through rapid micropulsation, stimulating nerves, improving blood supply and oxygenation. The use of a series of TENS electrostimulation treatments has a lifting effect, the skin gains firmness and elasticity. In addition, this technique is used in body modeling – it has a positive effect on the muscles of the legs, abdomen and buttocks, thanks to which it eliminates unwanted orange peel in these parts of the body and visibly firms them.

LED chromotherapy
The LED chromotherapy method, performed by our innovative IRON® Anti-wrinkle and Anti-Cellulite 2in1, has a positive effect on cellular metabolism by stimulating photoreceptors and activating various reactions such as DNA synthesis or collagen synthesis. This treatment supports skin regeneration and helps in the treatment of damaged cells. It is an effective color therapy, using 7 colors, selected depending on the treatments performed.


• cellulite reduction – breaking down hard cellulite deposits, smoothing the skin; effective also with cold cellulite tissue
• slimming and body shaping – TENS stimulation accelerates fat burning, strengthens muscles and improves their contour
• shoulder and belly firming
• drainage action, stimulation of lymph flow
• detoxification
• reduction of swelling
• improving skin elasticity and smoothness
• stimulation of collagen synthesis, blood circulation and oxygenation of cells
• neck massage – reducing excess fat and tension
• digestive treatment
• relaxing back and neck massages – reduction of tension and improvement of well-being
and non-invasive breast enlargement PUSH UP:
• improved elasticity
• strengthening of breast supporting muscles (“liftu” effect – lifting)
• stimulation of blood supply and nutrient transport, which gives the breast a more abundant shape

Anticellulite treatment

For best results package of 10 sessions is recommended at least once  a week.


Upper legs/Tights, stomach, arms, back 

20 min  £60

30 min  £75

40min   £85

5x  £280

5x  £300

5x  £400

10x   £500

 10x   £600

 10x   £700

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