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IRON treatment

IRON face lift

Ironing _ Lifting

Anti-wrinkle IRON – Treatment effects
Modern IRON® Anti-wrinkle  guarantees great effectiveness of skin rejuvenation treatments. As a result, wrinkles are reduced, the skin is regenerated and supple. IRON® can also be used for lifting, lymphatic drainage as well as relaxation and tension reducing treatments.

How does skin age?

The skin loses its elasticity over the years, collagen and elastin levels decrease, muscles weaken, the skin loses its firmness and the first wrinkles are visible. Due to this weakening of the facial muscles and the loss of their weight, the skin begins to slowly and steadily slack. Popular anti-wrinkle creams available in drugstores and pharmacies do not bring the desired results, because they do not affect muscle tissue. Active action on the muscles is possible only with the use of specialized cosmetic procedures, which allow the use of IRON anti-wrinkle.


IRON  is an advanced, non-invasive treatment to improve the body contour or facial profile. Patients are increasingly inclined in favor of non-surgical cosmetic solutions that are safe and involve minimal downtime, and ultherapy is one of them. The procedure has been approved by the FDA, and is used effectively to tighten and lift the neck and face.

TREATMENT is non-invasive and helps lift, tighten and rejuvenate skin along the brow, chin, and the neck.


• smoothing the skin, reducing wrinkles
• lifting action
• stimulation of facial muscles (strengthening, regeneration, improvement of blood supply)
• stimulation of natural regeneration processes
• increasing muscle mass, improving skin tone
• stimulation of blood circulation
• increasing oxygenation and nutrition of skin and muscle tissues
• improvement of blood supply (better absorption of the preparations used after the procedure)
• improvement of skin elasticity
• improvement of skin tone and condition

For best results course of minimum 5 treatments is recommended once  a week .

For best results package of 10 sessions is recommended at least once  a week.

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